A Metabolic training program focused on

Empowering People to Get Fit and Get Results.

Everyone is at a different fitness level and enjoys different types of workouts. I understand that and pride myself on helping each person meet their individual goal by altering and changing routines while never getting bored. In the midst of varying workouts, I will focus on an individuals area of improvement and functional movement abilities. The GetFitNation is located inside Play-Tri McKinney.

Training Options

Metabolic Conditioning circuit


A mix of high and low intensity exercises designed to challenge the anaerobic and aerobic system with focus on fat loss and cardiovascular efficiency. Group size is 8 or more people





Small Group
Strength Training

Focuses on optimal performance training that includes strength and core development. The overall goal of this training program is to gain muscle and build strength endurance. We also focus on T.E.A.M (together everyone achieves more) and building accountability with each and every workouts.  The small group program is designed to meet each client’s individual goal within a group setting. Group sizes are 3-6 people and are based on skill level.





Focuses on individual needs and modifications. A movement screen, body composition, and PAR-Q will be administered prior to beginning an exercise program. Sessions are  60 minutes and  by appointment only. Contact Jeremy to schedule your sessions


Sports Performance Training

The Sports Specific Training program is designed to help each athlete excel in their specific sport while addressing the functional movement, strength, and power needs of each athlete. Training sessions are 60 minutes in duration and will have measurable goals for athletes to see their progress each month.

Small Group Performance Training 3-8 athletes OR

Team Training of 12-15 athletes



Encouraging employees to exercise at their job site does more than encourage healthier lifestyles; it helps reduce turnover, absenteeism and tardiness saving an organization money in the long term. Please visit Corporate Wellness page for more information or contact The Get Fit Nation to start a fitness program at your DFW metroplex organization.