As a mother of 2 with a demanding full time job I never thought I would have the time or the energy to workout.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. Since I started training with The Get Fit Nation, I have lost 10 pounds, 2 sizes and I have more energy than I have ever had. Thanks Jeremy and The Get Fit Nation for helping me achieve great success!

 - Andrea Chamberlain Hill  (McKinney, TX)

I’m currently training for my 3rd Half Marathon and I can’t get over the impact that training with The Get Fit Nation has had on my running!  My training for the first two consisted solely of running 4-5 days/week ... because I thought more running equaled better running.  Turns out that’s not the case at all. I now do bootcamp 3-4 days/week and only run 1-2 days/week, but my running endurance and speed is better than ever!  I’ve cut a minute off each mile and I end feeling strong rather than dead.  My entire body is in better shape and I’m a much more well-rounded athlete! Thanks, Jeremy!

 - Kristen Desjardins (Dallas, TX)

For the first time since having my 3rd baby, I am 10lbs lighter than before getting pregnant.  Yipppeee!!!  I owe it to The Get Fit Nation"

 - Keely Barbour  (McKinney, TX)

“You don’t run to get fit, you get fit so you can run.” 

This is one of the first things I learned from Jeremy Jackson, owner/trainer of The Get Fit Nation.  As an avid runner, I had hit a wall in my training. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and felt weak when I should have felt strong.  After attending my first Get Fit workout, I knew that was going to change. can honestly say I became strong, fit, and a more well rounded athlete.  The Get Fit Nation brought me to a place where I have been in the best shape of my life.  It is also helping me now as I come back from recently having my third baby. This is truly the best workout you will ever get and you’ll have a blast doing it.  Thank you Jeremy, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

 - Kelly Anderson (McKinney, TX)

2012 for me was about getting into shape and learning how to be active. I decided to pick a sport to stick with and for whatever reason, chose distance running.  I've struggled tremendously as I was very overweight and had never been athletic so I had zero stamina and ran at a snails pace. I joined The Get Fit Nation in October and in just a month my strength and stamina have improved tremendously. On October 27, I completed my first half marathon in under 3 hours and just last Saturday I ran 90% of a 5K and improved my time by over 10 minutes from my first 5K in April.

Thanks so much to Jeremy Jackson and the hardworking ladies of The Get Fit Nation - Garland for all your support!

 - Kim Dural (Allen, TX)

In early 2014 at the encouragement of some close friends, I joined TheGetFitNation in Garland and 
empowered myself to get fit again. I've lost over 20lbs and dropped 4 dress sizes since January changing 
my mindset, doing group metabolic training, and pushing myself farther than I ever thought possible. 
I can run 5ks with minimal stops, if none at all, now, and I’ve decreased my mile time by a minute and 
some change. Clothes have never fit better; my arms and legs are toned now; and I am amazed at the 
transformation, inside & out. I know I've got such a long journey ahead if I want to continue reaching for 
my personal goals for clean living and getting fit, but if TheGetFitNation taught me anything, I know I'm 
worth it and can do ANYTHING I've set my mind to doing by putting in hard work.

-Stephanie Vi