At The GetFit Nation I believe nutrition is just as important as fitness. I know that from time to time everyone struggles with diet and nutrition. After seeing personal results and results of others, we support both Advocare and Shakeology supplements.

The GetFit Nation's recommended Advocare products are:

  • The Full 24 Day Challenge helps cleanse the body of all toxins and allow for better absorption and increase metabolism.

  • Spark helps sharpen mental focus, provides fast acting and long lasting energy, and contains 21 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients all designed provide a healthy balance of energy.

  • Catalyst helps maintain muscle mass during exercise & weight management. It also aids in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction.

  • Post Workout Recovery helps minimize muscle soreness after strenuous activity and provides essential components for muscle repair to optimize muscle recovery

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We offer Personal Consultation sessions to help guide you to success.

Get Fit Personal Consultation

  • $95.00

Start your journey to being fit and living a healthy lifestyle by receiving 2 consultation sessions with Jeremy Jackson, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach.

After analyzing your fitness and nutrition level, Jeremy Jackson will design a recommended plan for you.

Here is what will be covered/offered during the consultation:

  • 60 minute consultation with 6 week follow-up

  • Body Composition Check (start point)

  • Overhead Squat Assessment and Gait Analysis

  • Short Term Goal

    1. Long Term Goals

  • Current Nutrition Patterns/Basic Nutrition Guide

  • Recommended weekly workout schedule

  • Cardiovascular Fitness Recommendations

  • Lifestyle coaching on how to mend fitness with busy life

  • Program Design Recommendation

  • Free box of Spark of your flavor choice

  • 10% off 24 Day Advocare Challenge