GetFit Training programs implement and utilize the body’s three energy systems  (Oxidative, Glycolytic, and ATP-PC). A person’s ability to utilize the body’s metabolic system efficiently and effectively leads to greater physiological and psychological gains.

The workouts vary from session to session.

By altering and changing routines this always keeps the body guessing and working at optimal levels. In the midst of our varying workouts, I will also focus on an individual's areas of improvement and weak link from a functional movement standpoint assuring your body achieves the maximum result at each session.

Each workout utilizes a Training Pyramid Design that focuses on movement, strength and power. These are important components to overall fitness as they help create an efficient foundation in which the body can develop muscular strength and endurance over time. 

Functional Movement

Designed to help clients move optimally and efficiently by reducing muscle tightness and imbalances through corrective exercise techniques.


Functional Strength

 Applied strength that can be trained through various planes of motion in order to produce force to move an object.

Functional Power

Combination of Speed and Power that are trained through explosive and quick movement patterns.