Value and Purpose

Today's blog I will discuss the importance of  value and purpose in our lives. As it relates to fitness I believe when we can create value for the reason we pursue wellness it will help create a bigger sense of purpose in our daily pursuit. Without value we often do not have a purpose for why we do what we do in life. I encourage you today to begin placing a value and an importance on every area of your life and watch your sense of purpose and passion grow. As always I hope that you are inspired by what you read today. You can connect with me via facebook at or on Instagram at

In a generation that is slowly losing its sense of value and purpose; we must never allow our sense of being to decrease based on the currency of this world. It has become difficult to live out purpose and maintain value in a world that constantly changes its values and purpose. We often let friends, family, society, and circumstances dictate our value and purpose; which is contrary to the intrinsic nature of every human being to live life to the fullest. The ability to withstand the pressure to devalue one’s self or lose a sense of purpose is one of the greatest struggles we face today. The value and purpose of our life is much like the value and purpose of money. Regardless of the fluctuation in currency the value and purpose of money never changes. Similarly the value and purpose of our life does not change based on the vary circumstances that may arise in our life. As the cost of living or prices increase so does the value and need for money.  We must learn to increase our value as the situations in life around us change, but we must never devalue ourselves in order to meet the changes around us. It is my encouragement to each of you never lower your value or purpose to meet the expectations of others.

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my souls knows it very well. Psalms 139:14


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